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7 Mar 2019

This report explores the economic impact of wage theft in South Australia. Wage theft is widespread and likely growing, impacting up to 170,000 South Australian workers to varying degrees, and almost certainly costing South Australian workers, collectively, more than $500 million a year.


12 Feb 2019

By 2050, Sydney is expected to be home to more than 8 million people. This report explores how the challenges and opportunities associated with rapid growth can be better distributed across Greater Sydney.


12 Nov 2018

This report aims to quantify the likely impact of wage theft on Queensland workers and the Queensland economy, in both the form of regular-wage theft and the non-payment of superannuation guarantee contributions.


The challenges of deregulating South Australia's retail trading hours
15 Mar 2018

This report explores the impact that trading hours deregulation may have in South Australia if the Opposition is victorious in the March 2018 state election, and implement their proposals.


1 Feb 2018

Few issues have resonated in Australian public discourse over the past few years like energy prices. Both household and business consumers have suffered the consequences of years of policy inertia, inconsistency and a lack of forward thinking by energy policy makers that have created a...

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