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Summary of feedback: guidance on sharing personal information under the Family Violence Act 2018
25 Jan 2019

In August and September 2018, the Ministry of Justice sought feedback on a draft version of information sharing guidance for the family violence sector. The guidance document sought to clarify the rules around information sharing that were introduced under the Family Violence Act 2018. This...


12 Dec 2018

This report details the experience of victims as they progress through the justice system and identifies the opportunities to significantly improve the information and support provided to people as their cases proceed.


30 Jan 2018

This report is the product of a unique joint review of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 (the Act) conducted by the Law Commission and the Ministry of Justice.


13 Sep 2016

The New Zealand Ministry of Justice has reviewed the Domestic Violence Act 1995 and related family violence laws. The review's purpose was to look at how the laws could be strengthened to prevent family violence and improve how agencies respond.

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