Mathias Sinning

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Mathias G. Sinning

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Working paper

25 Jun 2018

This paper provides theoretical and empirical evidence on the implications of the timing of reminders by studying the effect of varying the timing of reminder letters to taxpayers on their payment behavior. The collection of unpaid tax debts constitutes a considerable challenge for tax authorities....

Working paper

20 Mar 2017

This paper uses detailed information about household supermarket purchases from the Australian Nielsen Homescan Survey to estimate price elasticities of demand for a range of food categories. An instrumental variable strategy is employed to address endogeneity issues. The estimates obtained from our analysis are used...

Working paper

1 Sep 2015

This paper studies the financial capacity of German university graduates to repay their student loans. We find that conventional mortgage-type loans are associated with very high repayment burdens, which make it difficult for German university graduates to repay a debt of more than €10,000. We...

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