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Working paper

29 May 2017

This paper analyses the longer term impacts of involuntary job loss of workers subsequent employment, earnings, and income support in New Zealand.

Working paper

15 Apr 2017

We estimate the impact of ultra-fast broadband on schools’ academic performance using a difference-in-difference study of a new fibre broadband network. We show that fibre broadband increases primary schools’ passing rates in standardised assessments by roughly one percentage point. Estimates are robust to alternative specifications,...

Working paper

21 Oct 2016

Surveys have errors. Tax data errors are rare, but they still matter.

This paper analyses measurement error in the classification of employment. We show that the true employment rate and time-invariant error rates can be identified, given access to two measures of employment with...

Working paper

19 Oct 2016

When we understand admin data has errors, surveys don’t look bad.

This paper analyses the measurement error and earnings dynamics of two sources of individuals' annual earnings from Statistics New Zealand's Survey of Family, Income and Employment (SoFIE) and administrative linked employer-employee data (LEED)...

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