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Indoor air pollution caused by the cigarette smoke consisted of wide range pollutants is a big problem for threatening human health. Air cleaners are expected as one of effective countermeasures against this environmental problem. However, few air cleaners correspond to various sorts of indoor pollutants. So, we developed new air cleaning method used with additive agents supply system for air pollutants. This new air cleaning method is called as “Mist-wash” technology. Cigarette smoke includes a great variety of gaseous pollutants and particle-formed pollutants. In present study, we determined the removal performance on the volatile organic and carbonyl compounds included in the cigarette smoke. The air cleaner used with new technology indicated that the VOC CADR was very big and it showed around 150m3/h. This new air cleaner was confirmed to be effective countermeasure against VOC pollution. And moreover, it turned out that with operation of the new air cleaning method, air cleaner’ removal performance of VOC and formaldehyde was improved up to 87% and 73% respectively.

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