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15 Dec 2010

The first copyright act, the Statute of Anne, was passed three hundred years ago, in 1710. Copyright law is regarded as an essential element in promoting investment of time, energy and capital in creative endeavours, in that it 'creates incentives for people to invest their...

Conference paper

20 Nov 2008

Next generation networks ('NGN') are just around the corner. NGNs will be capable of carrying all forms of communications _ voice, data and all types of content _ at very high speeds, at very high volumes and in diverse technical ways. Whilst the current regulatory...

Conference paper

15 Oct 2007

After ten years on the statute books, Part XIC of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (the "TPA") is being called upon more _ and is under greater pressure _ than ever. Part XIC gives telecommunications carriers and carriage service providers a right of access...

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