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Conference paper

Digital TV policies in the UK, US, Australia and Italy

Digital communications Digital television Broadcasting Digital broadcasting Telecommunications Australia
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Many countries are in the process of converting their terrestrial television services from analog to digital transmission. Several different approaches have been adopted for the switchover with different apparent results. Spectrum is a scarce resource and delays in the switch off can have major effects on economic welfare as the spectrum tied up in analog transmission cannot be released for other uses. In this paper we examine the digital TV conversion policies and progress in the UK, USA, Australia and Italy, which have adopted different processes to achieve the desired switch-off. Each of the four countries decided to mandate the conversion of terrestrial television services from analog to digital transmission late in the last decade adopting policies with similar planned periods of transition and similar targets to complete the process. We look at the policies of each and the progress achieved to date to see what features appear to be enhancing or slowing down the achievement of the switch-over target.

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