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Smart grids, electric vehicles and the National Broadband Network

14 Nov 2011

There are several trends globally that are guiding society to re-examine the way in which we address our energy, communication, and transportation needs. These factors include the increased costs associated with fossil fuels in energy production and transportation, together with recent international trauma from nuclear fuel as an energy source, and finally the increased focus on CO2 reduction. The use of electric vehicles when charged from renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic solar panels, uniquely provides the opportunity to address these societal problems. Key to the deployment of renewable energy sources and cleaner transportation systems is the underlying infrastructure of the electricity grid and the telecommunications network to support generation, distribution and use. This paper outlines the requirements of these emerging transportation and energy systems, identifies the capability areas that are yet to be addressed, and proposes a blueprint for deploying renewable energy and electric vehicles in a way that leverage both the smart grid and next generation communication systems such as the NBN.


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