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16 May 2019

This webinar outlines some useful tools to apply Austlang codes to catalogue records - improving the discovery of Indigenous Australian language material.

Audio presentation

30 Oct 2015

In Australia, there are 3.7 million people who have never used the internet. On top of this, many Australians who do have internet access are not confident enough to do the basics. To become a truly leading, inclusive and global digital nation we need everyone...


20 Feb 2010

This website features oral history interviews with people who were involved in or affected by the removal of Indigenous children from their families.

This important oral history project was funded by the Commonwealth Government in 1997 in response to the first recommendation of Bringing...

Discussion paper

21 Sep 2006

How are we to define 'scholarly information on East Asia? in today's academic and research environment? What is the 'Asian studies? that libraries with East Asian collections are here to serve? This paper focuses on the development of what is generally called the 'new' Asian...


21 Sep 2006

There is a widespread perception that dancers are poor verbal and written communicators since their art is physical and non-verbal. This is not borne out in the oral history interviews conducted by Michelle Potter for the National Library of Australia over the past 18 years....

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