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Undermining violent extremist narratives in South-East Asia: a how-to guide

Terrorism Counter-terrorism Extremists

This document was developed with the support of the Australian Government by the Hedayah Institute, the International Centre of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism based in Abu Dhabi.

While there are other counter narrative 'how to' guides available, this is the first of its kind to focus on South East Asia.

Across the globe, international organisations and governments are grappling with the complex challenge of developing better and more coordinated responses to groups such as Daesh, as well as defining methods to prevent further radicasliation and recruitment, or the emergence of new violent extremism and terrorism.

This compendium provides practical guidance and insights for governments, policy makers and civil society organisations in Australia and South East Asia to support their development of effective counter-narratives that undercut the appeal of terrorist propaganda.

Drawing on research by author Sara Zeiger and an expert workshop convened by Hedayah in Indonesia in March 2016, the compendium includes a practical step-by-step approach to developing effective counter-narratives, with clear examples from South East Asia.

With Australian Government support, Hedayah will be in a position to ensure that its secure online library of counter-narratives and positive messages drawn from around the world now includes our regional perspectives.

Projects such as this highlight how practical, results-focused cooperation and partnerships can help us ensure security and stability within our region.

This useful reference is one of the outcomes of Australia's Regional Summit to Counter Violent Extremism, hosted in Sydney in June 2015.

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