Planning our future: 8 point programme for a future-focused resource management system

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This document is an eight point programme of action designed to address a range of important issues with New Zealand's resource management system with the aim of furthering discussion about what would best suit the country's needs in the coming decade.

Local Government New Zealand is advocating for the following key proposals: 

Integrate resource management decision-making across domains and enhance the strategic connection between central and local government

  • Introduce a regional spatial planning process that has the power to carry vision into action: enable a vision to be set for an area that deals with competing resource uses and objectives and provides certainty about the outcomes envisaged for particular areas. It must have statutory influence over subsequent planning, consenting and investment decisions.
  • Introduce ‘special economic zones’ to enable tailored policy, regulatory and funding structures: an ‘opt in’ framework for ‘special economic zones’ that will enable localised resource management arrangements that are suited to local conditions. Planning our future Planning our future: 8 point programme for a future-focused resource management system
  • Introduce a pathway that enables councils to partner with central government in the development of locally-focused “national” direction.

Lay the groundwork necessary for us to be confident that resource management decisions will be grounded in evidence, transparent and able to be scrutinised

  • Develop a framework for evaluating the performance of the resource management system across social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions
  • Introduce standard tools and methods for benefit / cost assessment
  • Prioritise investment and align efforts to establish environmental states and trends

Orienting our programme of action: a resource management system to deliver better decisions and create economic incentives that encourage greater environmental stewardship

  • A two-tier system for resource management decision making
  • Meeting the costs of rights to access and use resources held in common
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