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Literature review

23 May 2017

A building is responsible for the emission of a significant amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the various stages of its life cycle. Industry and government have been primarily focused on assessing and implementing mitigation measures related to the operational GHG emissions of buildings,...


15 Apr 2015

This project interim report presents the initial outcomes of the research that consist of:

PART 1: Recruitment of participants from single dwellings and multi-unit dwellings, and initial data analysis of the stage 1 survey;

PART 2: Analysis of the BASIX assessment model, key...

Discussion paper

1 Jan 2015

This report provides a means to determine where Integrated Carbon Metrics goals should be directed, so as to ensure research and tools are developed to best suit industry requirements. This report provides a summary of a scoping study’s findings and a brief discussion of workshop...


1 Jan 2015

Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2015 - Monique FoucheThe balance between greenhouse gas emissions and cost: A life cycle approach towards GHG reduction and financial performance in buildings

Conference paper

1 Jan 2015

The building sector is responsible for a significant proportion of a nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. In an attempt to mitigate these emissions, industry and government have been mainly focussed on reducing operational emissions associated with buildings, leaving the embodied emissions largely ignored. As operational emissions...

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