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29 Jul 2016

Progressive cities worldwide have demonstrated political leadership by initiating meaningful strategies and actions to tackle climate change. However, the lack of knowledge concerning embodied greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of cities has hampered effective mitigation. The authors analyse trans-boundary GHG emission transfers between five Australian cities...


15 Apr 2015

This project interim report presents the initial outcomes of the research that consist of:

PART 1: Recruitment of participants from single dwellings and multi-unit dwellings, and initial data analysis of the stage 1 survey;

PART 2: Analysis of the BASIX assessment model, key...

Discussion paper

1 Jan 2015

This report provides a means to determine where Integrated Carbon Metrics goals should be directed, so as to ensure research and tools are developed to best suit industry requirements. This report provides a summary of a scoping study’s findings and a brief discussion of workshop...

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