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9 Aug 2017

Recent research has suggested that low-energy homes can not only save you money, but most importantly they can increase people’s quality of life


18 Jul 2017

Australian and UK researchers sought to understand what it’s like to live in purpose-built low-energy housing.

Journal article

18 Oct 2016

In the context of reducing household greenhouse gas emissions, in-home energy feedback displays have been trialled as a mechanism to assist households to monitor and change energyuse behaviour. As we move towards technologyrich zero-energy homes, the challenge of managing energy use and electricity generation systems...


17 Aug 2015

RP1006 was established to support the path to zero carbon housing (ZCH) by focusing on the development and validation of evidence-based building energy modelling tools to support the regulatory pathway to zero emission housing in Australia. The 2013 Progress Report provides an update on progress...


15 Jun 2015

This report explores and quantifies the value proposition from the perspective of the owner occupier of a low carbon impact residential building. The experience of low carbon living applied in this report draws heavily on the experiences of households at Lochiel Park in South Australia,...

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