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Household Energy Use Consumption and Expenditure Patterns 1993-2012


Using data from ABS Household Expenditure Surveys (HES) for 1993-94 and 2003-04 and the Housing Energy Consumption Survey of 2012, this report examines the changing nature of household energy use (electricity, gas, and motor fuel) over the last two decades, and assesses the impact of these costs on the household budget. It suggests arguments that electricity industry liberalisation has created new levels of fuel hardship may not be accurate. It also investigates the impact of fuel costs (petrol, diesel and automotive gas), and concludes with observations about why the impact of motor fuel costs on the household budget does not recieve the level of attention of electricity or gas costs. Explanations include the different nature of the client-provider relationship, the absence of a concept of disconnection for motor fuel, and a perception (misplaced in many respects) that motor vehicle users have choices in ways that utility users do not.

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