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Deliberative Democracy: Participatory Sustainability for Low Carbon Living: Scoping Study

Sustainable development Deliberative democracy Democracy
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The CRC for Low Carbon Living aims to facilitate the transition of the Australian built environment to a low-greenhouse gas emissions future while maintaining industry competitiveness and improving quality of life. The transition to low carbon living will involve complex and unpredictable interactions and inter-dependencies, ‘wicked problems’ with many or obscure causes and with no clear, straightforward solution.To respond effectively, diverse forms of knowledge, values and aspirations will need to be integrated and harnessed in the effort to formulate and implement solutions. The transition will be an ongoing, iterative process, requiring the broad participation and endorsement, not only of governments, industry and other ‘experts’, but the vast majority of ordinary people.This report investigates ways for members of the community to use their skills, knowledge and viewpoints to resolve issues, develop options and potentially influence policy decisions.

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