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The EnergyFit Homes Initiative Working Paper 2: Focus group results

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Executive Summary: This report is a milestone deliverable from CSIRO for the EnergyFit Homes Initiative, a project that seeks to empower consumers to recognise and value homes with better health, comfort and sustainability benefits and lower running costs. It is formally known as Project RP3016 and funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living and other project parties. Twelve focus groups were conducted in four east coast cities and regions to explore the understanding of features that contribute to energy efficient homes, and also the understanding of energy efficient rating tools and information systems. These perspectives were sought from owner occupiers, investors and tenants. In total, 107 participants were involved, including 26 participants in Canberra, 25 in Sydney, 27 in Brisbane, and 29 on the NSW Central Coast. A survey was administered prior to the commencement of focus group discussion and gathered attitudes towards energy efficient features and collected basic demographic information. The survey and focus group discussions resulted in a range of findings that provide opportunities for enhancing the context through which energy efficient housing is promoted and supported. The findings also identified pathways and approaches to communication that could enhance the understanding, uptake and corresponding action on energy efficient housing choices. Specific top-line findings are provided in the dot points below.

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