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25 Oct 2018

Amid Greater Sydney’s growth in the knowledge economy, the story and importance of our industrial and urban services activities get somewhat overlooked. Data actually tells us that the industrial and urban services sector is growing; becoming more efficient and adaptable, providing more jobs and making...


21 Mar 2018

This strategy outlines a vision for three, integrated and connected cities, that will rebalance Greater Sydney – placing housing, jobs, infrastructure and services within easier reach of more residents, no matter where they live.

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A metropolis of three cities - connecting people
20 Oct 2017

This draft plan is built on a vision where the people of Greater Sydney live within thirty minutes of their jobs, education and health facilities, services and great places.


21 Nov 2016

Two of the Commission’s first tasks are to prepare draft District Plans for exhibition before the end of 2016 and review the initial regional plan - A Plan for Growing Sydney before the end of 2017. So that all of these plans work together, we...


21 Nov 2016

This draft District Plan sets out priorities and actions for Greater Sydney’s Central District, which includes the local government areas of Bayside, Burwood, Canada Bay, Inner West, Randwick, Strathfield, the City of Sydney, Waverley and Woollahra. It has been developed by the Greater Sydney Commission....

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