Roberto C. Alamino

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Conference paper

24 Jun 2018

This paper introduces the concept of product essentiality within sustainable operations management studies. It investigates the influence of location, gender, and family income on the perception of essentiality of ordinary goods and services. A total of 81 items, were classified according to a binary position...

Journal article

20 Sep 2016

As the world's natural resources dwindle and critical levels of environmental pollution are approached, sustainability becomes a key issue for governments, organisations and individuals. With the consequences of such an issue in mind, this paper introduces a unifying approach to measure the sustainability performance of...

Conference paper

22 May 2014

This paper discusses how system dynamics and computer modelling contribute to the debate of management of technologies in response to sustainability crises. The basic components and properties of socio-ecological systems were modelled in order to understand possible responses to resource scarcity or exceeding levels of...

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