An account of the inner workings of standards, judgement and moderation: a previously untold evidence-based narrative

Secondary education Teachers Learning and teaching Student assessment Quality management Queensland Australia

This paper was commissioned to inform the Review of Queensland Senior Assessment and School Reporting and Tertiary Entrance Processes undertaken by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Specifically, the lead Investigator was tasked to address the hypothesis that the Queensland Studies Authority’s (QSA, also referred to as system) approach to specifying assessment criteria and standards remains dominant and salient across disciplines. It was also to consider the holistic and analytic judgement models that operate in District and State review panels. The original aims were therefore to consider the nature and function of standards in informing teacher judgements as reported through moderation panel processes. In support of this focus, the paper is both empirically informed and conceptual in nature, each in turn examining the nature and function of standards in judgements in senior schooling moderation contexts.

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