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17 Nov 2018

Coastal infrastructure is under constant attack from the marine environment. Under current conditions, breakwaters and seawall armoured by rock or concrete units require regular monitoring and maintenance. But with anticipated changes to the coastal wave climate due to climate change scenarios, costal structures would be...


1 Mar 2018

A major barrier to the adoption of Geopolymer concrete in construction is the lack of long-term performance data. Field testing has been undertaken to determine the behaviour of geopolymers in different service environments and address the gaps in knowledge. The University of New South Wales...


20 Mar 2017

Concrete is the second most used material after water and the production of cement is responsible for 5–8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. The development of low-carbon concretes is pursued worldwide to help the construction industry make its contribution to decarbonising the built environment and...

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29 Nov 2016

The carbonation resistance of a blended slag and low-calcium fly ash (FA) geopolymer concrete was investigated. The geopolymer binder studied was composed of 90% low-calcium FA and 10% ground granulated blast-furnace slag. The alkalinity of the pore solution plays a pivotal role in carbonation progression...

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23 Sep 2016

Geopolymer concrete (GPC) has significant potential as a more sustainable, low-embodied carbon alternative for ordinary Portland cement concrete (PCC). However, as a rather new engineering material, there are some concerns over the durability aspects of geopolymeric binders.

In this study, performance of chloride contaminated...

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