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29 Oct 2017

The impact of low-speed filtration on the performance of salt water chlorinators, pool cleaners, and the pool water quality, based on experimental and modelled data, is investigated. Results show that a typical salt water chlorinator and pressure pool cleaner do not work well for flow...

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16 Feb 2017

Growth in peak electricity demand poses considerable challenges for utilities seeking to ensure secure, reliable yet affordable energy provision. A better understanding of the key drivers of residential peak electricity demand could assist in better managing peak demand growth through options including demand-side participation and...

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11 Feb 2017

Electricity load forecasting is an important tool which can be utilized to enable effective control of commercial building electricity loads. Accurate forecasts of commercial building electricity loads can bring significant environmental and economic benefits by reducing electricity use and peak demand and the corresponding GHG...

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13 Sep 2016

One of the major obstacles to improving solar thermal cooling technologies is the high operating temperature requirements of most solar thermal cooling systems. This paper reviews recent advances that could reduce the required heat source temperatures for solar desiccant cooling to the range of 50°C–60°C....


15 Aug 2016

This report presents a summary of all the findings and activities performed in the LCL-CRC research project RP1011 “Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities” and represents the culmination of the project. The main objective of the project was to develop innovative designs,...

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