Our energy future: a plan to transition Australia to clean energy

9 Nov 2016

The Leadership Forum on Energy Transition is calling on the federal government to lead a national energy transition plan to shift Australia to clean energy, through engaging across parliament and with all levels of government, communities, workers and businesses. The plan should drive a transition to clean energy by 2050, or sooner, to meet our international obligations under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The plan needs to establish rules, policies, regulations, markets and a basis for investment that will power the transition. It must be founded on a just transition for workers and communities. 

The blueprint details eight foundational actions that should form the basis of Australia’s national plan:

  •         Update the electricity market to speed up a clean energy transition 
  •         Facilitate and accelerate the inevitable closure of coal plants
  •         Accelerate the uptake of clean energy and support the development of new technology
  •         Create an attractive sustainable investment environment for clean energy
  •         Ensure a just transition for communities and workers
  •         Protect vulnerable Australians 
  •         Make Australia’s buildings and businesses much more efficient users of energy
  •         Dramatically reduce transport emissions 
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