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18 Apr 2018

Commercial buildings contribute significantly to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and represent a significant portion of the low cost abatement and energy efficiency opportunities in Australia.

To support building upgrades to improve energy efficiency, in 2012 Sustainability Victoria published ‘The Next Wave: Retrofitting Victoria’s Office...


23 Feb 2017

With Sustainability Victoria’s (SV’s) refocus on supporting the community to act on climate change, the need for reliable intelligence on current community attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and expectations of government in the area of climate change was needed to inform policy and program development.



24 Nov 2016

Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Efficient Office Buildings program demonstrates that energy savings of up to 29% can be achieved across the mid-tier office buildings sector, via building tuning and cost-effective energy efficiency measures.

The building sector in Australia accounts for approximately 19% of total energy...


1 Dec 2015

There is a general recognition that the existing housing stock represents the largest potential for energy saving and greenhouse abatement in the residential sector. However, few studies have looked at how inefficient existing houses actually are, the extent to which their level of energy efficiency...


1 Jul 2013

This study was commissioned by Sustainability Victoria to deliver a greater understanding of the size and impact of lower-grade commercial office buildings across Victoria.

The main goals of this report are:

to provide analysis of Victoria’s office stock segmentation and provide insights into...

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