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11 Jun 2014

This final report on the National Healthcare Agreement shows that Australians have overall good health and enjoy a high quality healthcare system. However, areas of concern such as obesity and chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes could put strain on our healthcare system and require...


22 May 2014

This report focuses on whether COAG’s six Closing the Gap targets have improved over five years. We found gains in primary education, Year 12 attainment and post school qualifications—but employment is not improving. In the health findings, we found that faster progress is needed to...


19 Nov 2013

This report finds that girls and young women across Australia have achieved equity in education, but gaps remain in workforce participation.

About this report

In 2012, COAG and the Select Council on Women’s Issues asked the COAG Reform Council to report on...


30 Oct 2013

Five years of reporting on Australia’s education outcomes has shown signs of improvement in the early years and in Year 12 attainment.

About this report

All Australian governments signed the National Education Agreement in January 2009. The objective of the agreement is...


5 Jun 2013

This report found that Australia was on track to halve the gap in child death rates within 10 years. In education, more young Indigenous people were completing Year 12 and studying post school qualifications, but Indigenous children were not doing well in reading and numeracy....

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