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This report is the first output from Phase 3 of Transforming Housing. Its purpose is to establish the framework for action over the ensuing three years.

The purpose of this report is to propose a series of clear and measurable responses to the burgeoning need for affordable housing in different parts of Melbourne and across Victoria that will form a positive contribution to current policy debate and the various reform initiatives of state and local governments.

The authors are researchers from a range of disciplines committed to working with key industry partners to improve the quantity and quality of well-located affordable housing in metropolitan Melbourne. We are working from an agreed understanding that effective, integrated planning includes the following seven elements (from Berke and Godschalk, 2009):

1.A clear vision and specified goals

2.A process for including key stakeholders

3.A fact base that establishes needs or problems

4.Selection of options based on a transparent analysis

5.An estimation of costs and sources of revenue as part of recommended actions (as well as mechanisms to overcome any legal impediments)

6.Identification of responsible agencies and partnerships essential for implementation of particular recommendations (including consistency across different levels of government)

7.Monitoring and evaluation procedures

 In line with the recommendations of this report and throughout the duration of the project (until June 2019), Transforming Housing is committed to:

1. Inter- and cross-sectoral capacity development to support the plan to grow the supply of quality, affordable rental housing (including work with local government, Commonwealth government, developers, investors, non-profit housing providers and community organisations)

2. Further scenario analysis, including identifying the capacity and opportunity of specific sites – and helping to envision better affordable housing outcomes through studios and brief development

The authors and others on The University of Melbourne’s research team will be assisting with delivery of these commitments.

The next output from Transforming Housing, anticipated for completion in April 2017, will be an options paper investigating the case for Commonwealth investment in affordable housing (at national, metropolitan and project scale) and will engage with the emergent City Deals urban strategy currently being pursued at the Commonwealth level. 

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