Gemma Davis


Gemma Davis is Manager of Research and Strategy for the Committee for Perth and is an Honorary Research Fellow with The University of Western Australia. She is a policy and strategic planning professional with 19 years’ experience and has worked as a consultant in Australia and New Zealand for public and private organisations. She holds an Honours Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Curtin University and has undertaken studies in Arts and Psychology at The University of Western Australia and Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University.

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15 Dec 2016

The past decade has been one of the most dramatic in Perth's history. Against the background of a dynamic global economy and expansion of the State's minerals and energy sectors, the city has experienced an economic, social and cultural transformation. This transformation has posed numerous...

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31 Aug 2016

The relationship between transport, economic and spatial development is known to occur in two main directions. Firstly, existing land use and economic developments drive demand for transport in terms of quantity, type, location and mode. Secondly, transport investments and other initiatives guide patterns and locations...

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