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A barrier for Australia’s climate commitments? Law, the electricity market and transitioning the stationary electricity sector

8 Dec 2016


This article questions the ability of current market frameworks to instigate large-scale, long-term systemic change to generation and network patterns in Australia. Systemic change will need to take account of the legal frameworks of the National Electricity Market (‘NEM’) – a market purposefully designed to deliver electricity to Australian households and industry in an economically efficient and reliable way. Not only is the current market framework in Australia perpetuating carbon-intensive patterns of electricity generation, its legal frameworks are designed and embedded in a way that makes change cumbersome and difficult to achieve. This article will not only set out how the legal frameworks of the NEM can hinder systemic change, but will draw on a comparative case study example – the German electricity market reform experience – to flag the breadth and depth of market reform necessary for the transition to renewable energy.

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