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Inquiry into access to free trade agreements by small and medium enterprises
18 Feb 2019

This report urges the Australian government to continue including specific small and medium enterprises (SMEs) chapters in trade agreements, as well as introducing a focus on e-commerce in future free trade agreements.


3 Dec 2018

Human organ trafficking is a broad international problem encompassing many countries around the world. The organ trade has evolved and continues to evolve under the influence of forces of demand and supply, as well as changes in national and international regulation and law enforcement.


15 Dec 2017

Slavery is one of the most appalling crimes in human history. Regrettably, the term ‘modern slavery’ reminds us that slavery and slavery-like practices are still prevalent around the world today, including here in Australia.

Modern slavery is often ‘hidden in plain sight’. These heinous...


15 Nov 2017

This Interim Report focuses on the legal framework in Australia and its effectiveness in protecting religious freedom, drawing on the evidence received in the public hearings and in relevant submissions. The SubCommittee takes the view that it would be most appropriate to review and report...


5 May 2016

There is no place for the death penalty in the modern world. State execution is a barbaric act that demeans the State that carries it out. The death penalty is cruel and inhumane, and is inevitably associated with miscarriages of justice, the inadvertent execution of...

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