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Discussion paper

15 Mar 2013

The data held by Australian Government agencies is both a national and government asset. It is also a potential source of opportunity. In this context, Australian Government agencies, like many other organisations, are aware of the challenges and opportunities that big data represents to the...


1 Oct 2012

Executive summary

ICT has profoundly changed almost all aspects of society. It is now central to how people communicate, interact, make decisions and do business. This includes the way governments operate and deliver services.

ICT plays a key role in social and...


24 Mar 2011

This report, completed in April 2010 and released on 24 March 2011, proposes a number of changes to improve the parliamentary entitlements framework.

The report concluded that the existing arrangements are an extraordinarily complex plethora of entitlements containing myriad ambiguities. The current framework comprises:...

Discussion paper

9 Dec 2010

This paper outlines the Australian Government's current Information and Communication Technology services panel situation and proposes a new model.

Briefing paper

9 Dec 2010

This briefing provides an overview of the Australian Government’s Data Centre Strategy, including a summary of the drivers behind the initiative and an update on the nine projects currently underway.

This will provide industry representatives with an idea of project timelines, expectations and upcoming...

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