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Small business in the Australian economy: July 2019
29 Aug 2019

This statistics report brings together data and analysis from the Australian Taxation Office, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Austrade. The purpose of the report is to be a resource for government, public policy makers and researchers, to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Australian...


6 Aug 2019

The Small Business Fair Dismissal Code was formed in recognition that small business owners do not have the time or expertise to navigate the complexity of the unfair dismissal system. This review report recommends a suite of changes to help small business employers meet their...


29 Apr 2019

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman has researched the issue of debt recovery action taken by the ATO against small businesses while the disputed matter was before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The investigation found that such action can severely impact upon a person's...

Working paper

18 Dec 2018

Statutory trusts have been considered and proposed by a number of inquiries as a means of ensuring prompt progress payments to subcontractors, and ring-fencing payments in the event of insolvency of their contractor. The ASBFEO has considered the various arguments for and against cascading deemed...


5 Dec 2018

This report covers phase one of the Access to Justice inquiry. In this phase, 1,600 businesses across Australia were surveyed in order to gain an understanding of where small businesses go for advice and, when they escalate a dispute, what pathways they choose.

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