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15 May 2017

In Fiji’s linguistically diverse context, vernacular and English literacy priorities for preschool children are significant.


28 Jun 2016

Young people possess capabilities, knowledge and creativity to live healthy and happy lives. However, in Australia, similar to elsewhere in the world, young people report high levels of psychological distress brought about through such everyday events as: managing uncertain life transitions; peer pressures and influences;...

Journal article

6 Oct 2014

This study, situated in the United States, is set in a context where large and growing numbers of children from non-dominant backgrounds populate American public schools while the vast majority of teachers teaching in US schools are white, monolingual women who may not have the...

Journal article

1 Nov 2013

Borrowing insights from the Ancient Greek ideal conceptions of a democratic civic space (demos), this article examines the applicability of this framework to four teacher educators’ journey to implement social justice in their programs. It is proposed that the three constitutive dimensions of demos (freedom...

Journal article

18 Sep 2012

Working in conjunction with a local school district in the United States, we developed a professional development project – called the Multiliteracies Teacher Institute Project (M-TIP). It composed of a series of three interrelated university courses that were designed to provide university graduate credit and...

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