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Working paper

23 Nov 2015

In remote Australia overall, transport systems are less safe, less efficient and less reliable than in non-remote Australia. Shortages of transport infrastructures and services are likely to be increasing in the context of demographic, economic and climate changes.

Annual transport costs range from $8,000...

Working paper

15 Apr 2015

The ‘Energy futures in remote Australian communities’ project conducted two workshops in May 2014 with the purpose of developing a collaborative understanding of how alternative energy-related practices may impact on the future liveability of selected communities in remote Australia, focusing on housing and transport. The...

Working paper

31 Dec 2014

Remote Australia – an area that covers 85% of the continent but houses just 2.3% of its adult population (ABS 2014) – is considered distant from many markets and centres of power. Remote Australia’s social distance puts a premium on local knowledge and technical and...

Working paper

30 Jun 2014

This report assesses transport costs in remote Australia at a community level and is aimed at community stakeholders and people involved in planning and operational community development activities. Travellers themselves do not have always clear knowledge of transport costs and may find useful information to...

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