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24 Sep 2003

Since the 1970s, changes in the Australian labour market, education and income policies have led to reductions in income for young people aged 15 to 24 years. This paper presents the results of original research that shows how parents share, or 'pool' their income with...

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Literature review

5 Feb 2019

This rapid literature review investigates the emotional health and wellbeing of Australia's carer population.


18 Dec 2018

Drawing on biographical narrative interviews with 22 young people, this snapshot presents preliminary findings on young people’s experiences of accessing services after leaving out-of-home care in Australia.


26 Nov 2018

This report is the first of its kind to apply the deprivation approach to examine deprivation among young Australians using information provided by young people themselves. It builds on earlier projects that developed and applied the approach used here to adults.

Briefing paper

31 Oct 2018

This policy brief examines the impacts of tightening family visa pathways for migrant grandparents and transnational family life.


1 Sep 2018

The purpose of the practice review was to identify current good practice in peer support delivery and future capacity building needs for disability support organisations (DSOs).

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15 May 2018

This report outlines the findings from an independent, longitudinal analysis, examining the changes in the scale and nature of homelessness in Australia, as well as how social, economic and policy drivers influence these changes.


14 Mar 2018

This report contributes to a growing body of information about the rich and diverse social, economic and cultural contributions that charities make in Australia and internationally. This report also recognises the value of Australia’s charities and strengthens capacity for evidence-based regulation.


15 Sep 2016

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission) is inquiring into how institutions have engaged with and responded to allegations and instances of institutional child sexual abuse. Key to this inquiry is the need to generate an understanding of the...


Prepared for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services
20 Jul 2016

This report describes the evaluation of the implementation and service system outcomes of Practice First across 24 CSCs in NSW. The evaluation used four methodologies, with findings from each triangulated to strengthen conclusions.


15 Oct 2014

The Productivity Commission has recommended extending assistance to families with nannies. International experience shows that there are good and bad ways to help families with this kind of care

AUSTRALIA is not the only country grappling with the “nanny issue”, which has been...

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