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Using multimodality as a conceptual lens: examining two teachers' learning in the Multiliteracies Teacher Institute Project

18 Sep 2012

Working in conjunction with a local school district in the United States, we developed a professional development project – called the Multiliteracies Teacher Institute Project (M-TIP). It composed of a series of three interrelated university courses that were designed to provide university graduate credit and professional development to teachers whereby they would explore their own situated racial identities as well as the teachers' perceptions of the roles that their situated identities played in their literacy instruction. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of M-TIP by describing the design and implementation of the overall professional development project as well as the impact of this project on two case study teachers. While this work is contextualized in the United States where it occurred, findings from our work may be useful for teachers and researchers in international contexts sharing similar concerns in their own educational contexts.

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