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Discussion paper

Logos to go: Brisbane’s Executive Building demolition a loss of political structure and symbolism

16 Jan 2017

Commuters in Brisbane's CBD will have noticed the signs of disruption, following the handover on January 1 of the Queens Wharf resort and casino site to the Destination Brisbane Consortium. Basking in a New Year glow, State Development Minister Anthony Lynham happily declared the jobs-generating project officially underway. Contractors have commenced site-enabling works, which include "soft strip-out" of three adjoining, now-emptied government buildings soon to be demolished.

A focus of media attention in the last month was the coming demolition of the former Executive Building at 100 George Street. Stories highlighted the building's rich internal history, tracking the public's last glances inside the old Cabinet room and Premier's office. Little focus was given to the building's distinctive external features, and even less to the huge Beattie-era government logos adorning the top of the building. Perhaps few will lament the logos' departure. With the attention given in recent times to political slogans and symbolism, it's worth noting that this highly visible and recognisable legacy of the Beattie era will soon disappear from its prominent place in the city's skyline.

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