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The communications market report: International

16 Dec 2016

This is the eleventh year that Ofcom has published the International Communications Market Report. The report benchmarks the UK communications sector against 17 comparator countries.

UK communications sector revenues were the second highest in Europe, with people in the UK among the heaviest users of smartphones and the most avid users of catch-up services.

This report provides comparative international data on the communications sector. It compares the availability, take-up and use of services in the UK against 17 comparator countries:

1. France (FRA)

2. Germany (GER)

3. Italy (ITA)

4. The United States of America (USA)

5. Japan (JAP)

6. Australia (AUS)

7. Spain (ESP)

8. Sweden (SWE)

9. The Netherlands (NED)

10. Poland (POL)

11. Singapore (SGP)

12. South Korea (KOR)

13. Brazil (BRA)

14. Russia (RUS)

15. India (IND)

16. China (CHN)

17. Nigeria (NGA)

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