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This year’s CEDA Economic and Political Overview (EPO) is such an important document for political decision-makers and the business community. It again delivers reasoned analysis of the possible economic and political headwinds on the horizon and trends and projections.

It goes without saying that the political and economic consequences from 2016 will be felt throughout this coming year. While internationally, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US President dominated and continue to dominate the headlines, at home we had a federal election that delivered significant power to minor parties and independents, and a government that struggled to provide leadership and much-needed economic and social reform.

While the federal government managed to finish the parliamentary year by passing legislation that was generally of interest to their philosophical base, the New Year has already brought further instability following the focus on MPs’ expenses, ministerial changes and the collapse of TPP.

How 2017 pans out for the Turnbull Government may well depend on its ability to urgently set-out a clear agenda and implement it. If they continue to falter on the tough decisions, they could face major problems.

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