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The McKell Institute is a progressive research institute dedicated to providing practical and innovative solutions to contemporary policy challenges. We produce regular policy reports and host events with thought leaders from business, government and civil society.

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13 Mar 2019

This report explores the regulatory framework surrounding vaping as a means of tobacco harm reduction in Australia.


7 Mar 2019

This report explores the economic impact of wage theft in South Australia. Wage theft is widespread and likely growing, impacting up to 170,000 South Australian workers to varying degrees, and almost certainly costing South Australian workers, collectively, more than $500 million a year.


12 Feb 2019

By 2050, Sydney is expected to be home to more than 8 million people. This report explores how the challenges and opportunities associated with rapid growth can be better distributed across Greater Sydney.

Discussion paper

31 Jan 2019

This discussion paper outlines the nature of insecure work in Australia. It defines how we got here, and what the impact of such widespread workplace insecurity is on Australia’s workers and its economy.


13 Dec 2018

This report outlines how Australia’s anti-tax avoidance regime could be further strengthened to ensure that multinationals – particularly those profiting of Australia’s finite nature resources – can no longer avoid their tax obligations with impunity.

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