The Cape – Victoria’s first climate adapted greenfield housing project

7 Feb 2017

How do we build carbon neutral housing estates and eliminate emissions from the housing sector? Are Australian houses up to the challenges of rising temperatures and longer and more intense hot spells on a heating planet?

Brendan Condon is Director of The Cape sustainable housing project, overlooking beautiful Bass Strait at Cape Paterson near Phillip Island and 90 minutes from Melbourne. This community will have 220 homes when complete, and already features some of the best examples of common sense integrated sustainability in Australia, including 8 star energy and water efficient housing, solar energy, energy efficient appliances and operating systems, electric vehicle infrastructure, urban food production, rainwater harvesting, habitat restoration and much more. Homes are designed to be carbon neutral, comfortable in all conditions with minimal heating and cooling, and to have annual energy bills as low as 20% of conventional homes.

First of the BZE Discussion Group series for 2017 in Melbourne.

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