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National and local purchasing times
31 Jan 2019

This report from SHORE & Whariki Research Centre examines patterns of purchasing of alcohol in New Zealand, including late night purchasing, from on and off licensed premises, using survey data from 2015.


30 Nov 2015

The Illicit Drug Monitoring System (IDMS) was established in 2005 to provide annual ‘snapshots’ of emerging drug use, ongoing drug trends, drug markets and drug related harm in New Zealand. The findings from the IDMS are intended to inform strategic and policy responses to drug...


27 Nov 2014

In New Zealand, tobacco use is the single largest cause of preventable death, and a major factor contributing to health inequality. Half of all long-term smokers die from a smoking-related illness and the average lifespan of long-term smokers who die prematurely from smoking is 15...

Fact sheet

4 Sep 2014

This snapshot about the harms of alcohol shows Aucklanders perform substantially worse than other New Zealanders, particularly:

• The rate of alcohol-related crashes for Auckland drivers is 28% above the national rate

• Eight per cent of adult Auckland drinkers consume more than...

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