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Retired Australian’s use of information technology: a preliminary study

15 Mar 2014

In July 2010, Coffs Harbour, Australia was announced as one of fourteen National Broadband Network (NBN) second release sites and in February 2013, a number of households and businesses in Coffs Harbour had infrastructure installed to enable them to access the NBN.

High speed internet and the new generation of internet-based services has the potential to provide better health outcomes, increased social connectedness, enhanced functional capability and caregiver support for those most likely to need these services. A survey of technology use of residents of a retirement home on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia, showed a low uptake of technology and low engagement with online activities. An understanding of perceptions of technology usefulness, together with actual usage is necessary to assist in informing public policy and ensure that information, resources and programs aimed at increasing levels of internet uptake and use by older Australians is targeted, appropriate and effective. 

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