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A comprehensive Internet application development process: web engineering consulting viewpoints

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Software engineering has entered into the Internet era where software and applications reflect the nature of the web. This is where web engineering comes in. The process of developing applications to work over the Internet is quite different to developing a normal software application due to the more challenging in considering the unique characteristics of the web. Hence, a suitable development process for developing Internet applications is required that adapting the traditional software development process. In this paper, the general six stages of Internet application development process which has been derived from an extensive literature review is taken to the case study to seek for suitability of the development process for use across a wide range of web engineering consulting. The case study has resulted in changing from the general six-stage to the comprehensive four-stage development process for the development of Internet applications. With this novel comprehensive development process, it is believed that it can really reduce the development costs and time leading to faster delivery of Internet applications.

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