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Purpose - This paper explores the drivers and barriers to seafood consumption in Australia and investigates attitudes toward pre-packaged fresh chilled seafood products.

Design/methodology - A two-stage study of seafood consumption in Australia was conducted comprising ten focus groups across six states (n=60) and a national online consumer survey (n=1815).

Findings - The main drivers for seafood consumption in Australia are health, taste, convenience, and a desire for diet variety. The main barriers to seafood consumption are price, concerns regarding origin, concerns about freshness, difficulty in evaluating seafood quality, and not liking the taste or texture of fish. The main appeals of pre- packaged fresh chilled seafood products are convenience and ease of preparation, while barriers include price and concerns about origin and freshness.

Research limitations/implications – The survey focussed on the main or joint grocery buyers in households and thus may not be representative of the entire Australian population.
Practical implications - The findings provide important insights for the Australian seafood industry in developing and delivering seafood offerings that will appeal to Australian consumers and thus stimulate seafood consumption. This knowledge will also assist the Australian Government and health educators to more effectively campaign to encourage increased seafood consumption. 

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