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Finding faults and influencing consumption: the role of in-home energy feedback displays in managing high-tech homes

Energy consumption Power resources Greenhouse gases Climate change mitigation Renewable energy Energy demand Zero energy building Australia

In the context of reducing household greenhouse gas emissions, in-home energy feedback displays have been trialled as a mechanism to assist households to monitor and change energyuse behaviour. As we move towards technologyrich zero-energy homes, the challenge of managing energy use and electricity generation systems will increase and a new role for in-home feedback displays may emerge. This paper describes the in-home display and monitoring systems installed in a near-net zero-energy residential estate and provides a summary of the energy-use data generated by the systems. It also draws on 25 in-depth interviews to discuss the residents’ attitudes towards, and experiences interacting with, the inhome feedback display and energy management system. Residents describe how the feedback displays assist them to understand their end-use energy behaviour, reduce net energy use and assess whether household appliances and renewable energy systems are operating correctly. The role of energy system fault identification is highlighted by many interviewees, where the feedback displays provide the means to monitor system performance, identify system failures and maintain low-energyuse outcomes.

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