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Registration, licensing and CTP insurance issues associated with automated vehicles

14 Mar 2017

This report considers the potential impacts on vehicle registration, driver licensing and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance arrangements that might arise from the introduction of automated vehicles (AVs) in Australia and New Zealand.

The key vehicle registration issues identified revolve around vehicle standards, compliance at market entry, compliance in-service and vehicle ownership. The key driver licensing issues revolve around driver training, driver testing and licensing. For CTP insurance, the critical issues concern the impact of AVs on no-fault and at-fault schemes, the impact of no driver being in the vehicle if a crash occurs, the impact of changing vehicle ownership models, the assignment of liability, and the impact on insurance premiums and determination of risk.

The report examines the rules and processes put in place by overseas and local jurisdictions to facilitate the testing and deployment of AVs on public roads, and assesses their relevance and suitability to Australia and New Zealand. It concludes that the registration and driver licensing processes examined were generally suitable for supporting trials and deployment of AVs but that some amendments would be required as we progress towards supporting market deployment.

CTP rules and processes adopted in other jurisdictions do not seem directly relevant and suitable for adoption here and in New Zealand.

The report provides guidance to Austroads’ road agency members and other key stakeholders on the changes required to support the testing of AVs on public roads in the short term and the mass‑market deployment of AVs in the longer term. 

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