Australia21 is an independent, not-for-profit think tank established in 2001.

We foster fresh thinking about public policy and provide evidence-based strategies for addressing ‘wicked’ problems that defy simple solutions. We conduct and review research into social, health, economic, environmental and national security issues, aiming to shape the best possible future for Australia.

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Report of high level roundtable Monday 18 June 2018 Parliament House Canberra
20 Dec 2018

This report is the result of a roundtable involving 32 experts and politicians, including former Labor Treasurer, Wayne Swan, and Federal Greens Leader, Richard Di Natale.


Our drug laws are tearing apart our social fabric, as well as harming drug users and their families
2 Nov 2018

This report examines the health and social harms caused or worsened by current drug policies. It is the result of an unprecedented Australia21 collaboration between experts in drug law, drug treatment and community welfare.


28 Jun 2018

This is the report of a day-long roundtable exploring better ways of preventing the debilitating mental consequences of traumatic stress and improving mental health outcomes for front-line first responder personnel.


20 Mar 2017

Senior police, prison officers and lawyers are standing side-by-side with drug users calling for law reform, to bring an end to killing and criminalising young Australians.

Drug-related deaths, diseases, injuries, crimes and social costs continue to rise despite more than 80,000 consumer arrests in...


5 Nov 2014

Now that the acute phase of boat arrivals appears over, this paper urges all parties to use this opportunity to construct an overarching national asylum and refugee policy for the long term.

Executive summary

Forced migration is an age-old phenomenon. It cannot...

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