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10 media trends for 2017 and beyond

17 Mar 2017

Much of the Guardian's Changing Media Summit was focused on restoring trust; from fake news to viewability and ad fraud. 

But there was still time set aside for looking forward at some of the opportunities and challenges that will face media over the next couple of years. Tom Goodwin, the executive vice president of innovation, Zenith USA talked about the ten themes that will move us forward in 2017, if only we are brave enough to approach them with boldness and creativity. 

"Things are never going to be as slow, simple and straightforward as they are today," said Goodwin, opening his talk. "But not everything is changing. If you go to a remote village, things remain much the same. If you go to a pub this afternoon, you don't order a pint through a chat app, it doesn't arrive in a 3D printed glass; in amongst all of this talk of change we need to be mindful of what is and what isn't changing."

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