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Conference paper

'Fertile questions', multi-age groupings', 'campfires' and 'master classes' for specialist skill building : innovative learning environments and supporting professional learning for 'teacher engagers' within South Australian and international contexts

2 Dec 2012

There is increasing recognition that traditional schooling models are failing many students throughout the world. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Innovative Leaning Environment (ILE) project involving 26 countries is highlighting transformative educational models through its research and case studies. The ILE research and analysis of innovative schools case studies has highlighted transformative approaches in terms of Learners, Teachers, Organisation of Learning and Pedagogy, Resources and Content. The current research has specifically examined international and South Australian literature studies about the changing teacher role and professional learning approaches within innovative environments. The research methods relevant to this paper are document search (including international and school - based materials and surveys), as well as leader interviews in selected sites. Results from South Australia and internationally indicate a changing role for teachers within innovative learning environments. Teacher professional learning is most effectively supported through working collaboratively over an extended timeframe in relevant groups focused on student artefacts and planning for learning, including through action research and in professional learning community teams. This paper provides a preliminary report about innovative practices and teacher professional learning approaches being utilised to support teachers and to build sustainable innovation.

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