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An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Ministry of Health
30 Nov 2018

This Evidence Check was commissioned by the NSW Ministry of Health to provide a summary of evidence from Australia and other countries related to the effectiveness and appropriateness of community-based psychosocial support services and programs for refugees and asylum seekers.


24 Aug 2014

The Returning Home Back to Community from Custodial Care (RHCCC) pilot project was designed to build an improved understanding of the most appropriate model of care that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women can expect from community-based service providers who are focused on improving...


Reviewing and extending the evidence and examining its implications for policy and practice
25 Nov 2013

Background to the study

The project began with the recognition that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people experience life circumstances that seriously challenge their social and emotional wellbeing and limit their capacity to fulfill their life potential. This most likely contributes...

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